Introducing Heartwood USA

Hi everyone. Welcome to Heartwood USA’s blog.

We launched our first (aka pilot) episode today. It’s called Cow-a-dunga! and its about cow… farting. And global warming. And bullies. But it’s really about kids like you. It’s about regular kids getting mad about polluters and doing something about it. It’s also about the bad kids who get off on being turds.

Who should watch Heartwood USA

We made the show for kids, but age isn’t important. If you like a great villain (especially one whose role models include Joe McCarthy, the Heartland Institute and Michael Crichton) does it really matter how old the villain is? Or how old you are? If you like a great heroine who’s got the smarts of Eliza Thornberry, the optimism of Mumble and the sheer p-off-ed-ness of Erin Brockovich, then what’s age got to do with it?

Who made Heartwood USA?

My name is Shane and I’m the creator of the show. Dave Schlafman directed and co-wrote the first episode. You can learn a bit more about us and the cast at

You on Heartwood USA

In the future, we want you to be a part of the show. For example, we’ll create opportunities for kids to show their own adventures in Green problem solving. Even now, you’re invited to remix the pilot episode to create your own own mashups. (That’s because we’re using Creative Commons rules.)

How can I help Heartwood USA?

Heartwood USA exists to help inspire kids to take action in their own communities and every episode will have tips on things you can do to help. But we’ll only get to make more episodes if we convince people that the world wants more Heartwood USA! So…

Thanks for supporting us!

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