Muthering Advice

We got a lovely review from a well-read parenting blog called Muthering Heights. Jessie had some helpful criticism as well:

Although on the website the creators of the show state that “Heartwood USA believes that kids aren’t stupid”, they assume that their audience is well-versed in the terminology associated with the issues presented in the Pilot. To be honest, there are many adults in my life who are unfamiliar with terms such as “methane gas,” “free range,” and how they apply to large scale industrialized agriculture and its effects on global warming. The purpose of these cartoons would certainly be better served by providing more background information relevant to the presented material.

Great points. Overall, we think our ultimate audience will be in the 6-12 age range. My hunch is that our “sweet spot” will be kids 8, 9 and 10. Older than that and the viewer will most likely have completely moved on to aspirational shows like iCarly or the Jonas Brothers or even older fare.  Younger than that and they’ll watch, but I think a lot of the subtleties of the message will be lost on them.

But Jessie’s point is that even adults will struggle with some of the vocabulary and concepts we present. Point taken. We need to better figure out how to be a) scientifically accurate b) understandable to widely different levels of familiarity and c) entertaining. We look forward to getting the chance to try some more!

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