Goodnight Bush – kid friendly?

My copy arrived today after a 2-week back order. The book is lighting up the blogwaves from the left and the right.

The book is a great read for adults, but is it appropriate for kids? I mean, what do kids take away from all these grown-up political discussions? My kids mimic my political views at this stage in their lives (6 and 9) but mimic is the key word, right?

My 9 year couldn’t sleep last night and so she read FoxTrot while I watched the 10pm Olberman. As I ranted along with Rachel Maddow at the underweighted reaction to Phil Gramm’s “American’s are whiners” comment, Lily asked me what I was so upset about.

I explained that it was a matter of fairness. If, as a pundit, you freak out for months over bitter-gate, then shouldn’t whiner-gate inspire more than a one-day freak out? I think she got it.

I’ll be sharing Goodnight Bush with the kids this weekend and we’ll see what they get from it. I’m curious about other parents’ kids’ reactions.

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