Hulala Girls

I think the wave is starting. TV is finally catching on to the fact that kids (and their parents) are looking for green programming. Case in point: Hulala Girls

Christy Hui, creator of Xiaolin Showdown, has completed a pilot episode for a show targeted at girls six to 12.

Set on a fantasy island more than a little reminiscent of Hawaii, Hulala Girls stars three spunky surfing girls, who also happen to be princesses of nature, bound to protect the Earth from those who would harm it for personal gain.

Tapping into Hawaiian mythology positing that hula experts can spiritually connect with the forces of nature when they dance, Hui uses this mechanism to infuse her characters with the special powers they need to thwart enviro-offenders.

Another cool thing – the show has already launched an interactive site to advance the show.

I like this too:

A limited number of promotional plush dolls have also been manufactured, and Hui has hooked up with eco-group American Forest to cover the cost of planting of a tree when someone buys one of the dolls.

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