Hate Mail

Got some hate mail today (though due to the vagaries of Google Alerts, it took a while to get to me).  A climate change  skeptic/denier forum found Heartwood USA and took it to task:

“This stuff is just sickening.”

“…overall I give it 10 puke-chunks out of 5 for absolutely sickening”

“The pilot can be viewed here. Don’t puke on yourself….”

“I couldn’t make it past the 30 second mark, it was too preachy and extolled so many lies about being green, that I had to shut it off.”

I think the thing I love most about the comments are how the commenters go out of their way to mis-hear the message. It reminds me of the recent Ohio State study of Colbert Report viewers. Conservatives don’t know he’s joking. Like…

“…now come the environmentalists saying that the dairy industry is bad. I just don’t get it anymore, we can now no longer keep our health because it is bad for the environment to drink milk.”

Um, no. We environmentalists got nothing against drinking milk. We just happen to think CAFO dairy has some, um, problems with it. 

“You don’t keep cows in a metal barn on conveyor belts…they live outside…on grass”

Source: EPA home page on CAFO beef feedlots

Source: EPA home page on CAFO beef feedlots


Yeah, ok.  And anyway:  http://www.nodowners.org/

And my favorite:

“Greenhouse gases moderate our temperature to keep us out of an iceage and are thus IMPORTANT”

Oh lordy, I give up.

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    Anthony said,

    Ah, right-wingers. Their heads are so full of propaganda from Drudge/Beck/Limbaugh et al that they attack everything associated with trying to save the climate. But I guess they want their children to grow up with four-digit temperatures and an atmosphere drowning in pollution, just so they can annoy Al Gore.

    They stay classy.

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