Muppets deliver Flu message

Via Cynopsis:

The Muppets of Plaza Sesamo and Mexican celebrities are addressing the new flu emergency in a series of pubic service announcements (PSA) aimed at kids.  Sesame Workshop and Mexico’s Grupo Televisa have produced four PSAs featuring the Plaza Sesamo Muppet’s Pancho and Lola as well as celebrities Lucero, Jorge Poza and Adrian Uribe, which empower kids with things they can do during this period.  The PSAs, which have already begun airing on Televisa, encourage kids to tell a parent if you feel sick, and if you are sick don’t go to school or outside, cover your mouth with a tissue or arm if you sneeze or cough and throw away that tissue in a covered trash can, and of course, wash your hands with soap and water several times a day for at least 20 second.  Plaza Sesamo’s Education and Research team worked with Mexico’s Ministry of Health to develop the PSA scripts.  The PSAs are being offered to several government organizations to extend the message in Mexico including the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the Government Workers ‘ Social Security and Services Institute (el ISSSTE) and Mexico City’s public transit system.

This is pretty cool on a couple of levels. Plenty of kids are freaked about the swine flu (my 10 year old couldn’t get to sleep last night) and using their favorite characters to help explain and reassure is a no brainer. And I’m impressed at how quickly they were able to turn this around. 


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