shock it to me

When Heartwood USA gets picked up as a series, we plan to do a lot with electric cars.  We’ve already mapped out two episodes:

Circuit Break’r
Carson and Hugo invent an electric car but before you can say “Plug ‘er in,” Dummkopf Power and Electric goes off-grid. But who blew the fuse that caused the blackout?

Sticker Shock
Carson’s plan to get everyone to drive a hybrid gets short-circuited when Trot and Crush grind out the gossip that hybrids can electrocute you!

Turns out our plotlines are mimicking real life.  A couple of weeks ago, Letterman brought on Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk and proceeded to crack jokes about electrocution. 


Quantum of Solace took it a step farther with exploding hydrogen fuel cells.

quantum boom


Via ecorazzi:

A professor at Salford University, Keith Ross, who is studying hydrogen and its viability as an alternative to oil says Bond’s depiction of the technology is “disturbing”. From the article,

“I was perturbed to watch the James Bond film’s climax,” says Professor Ross. “It was unrealistic and may perpetuate the fear that hydrogen should be avoided. Although potentially explosive in a confined space, the fuel can be handled quite safely. If released into the open air, hydrogen would only burn with a blue flame – a fact obviously of no interest to a film-maker! Like the famous photographs of the Hindenburg disaster, the scene’s images could well stick in the public’s consciousness.”

 Once again, Heartwood USA drives to the heart of the matter.

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