Flickerlab bows the Wild Life

How much do we love this? Flickerlab, a very cool animation company based in NYC, got a green light for a Green kids show called Wild Life.


The show (note – I can’t seem to get the episodes to play) had its premier on Denmark’s TV2 in October. W00T!

From their press release:

The series, which targets 8-12 year-olds, is designed to teach kids about climate change in a fun, story driven setting… (T)he show’s characters – Lulu, the dreamer turkey; Alfred, the self-centered scheming rat; Socrates, the Zen master Moose; Kai, the Amazing Boy Chicken; and all the raucous residents of Windy Bottom Farms…cluck, whinny, gallop and bicker their way through life, learning about climate change on the way.

Aiming to help “Save the planet one cartoon at a time,” FlickerLab’s twenty-six five-minute episodes each feature a three minute story driven cartoon introducing a theme such as the greenhouse effect, renewable energy, or power, along with a curriculum driven, two-minute animated Climate Cartoon on the theme.

Cool enough, but even cooler… Kids can use Flickerlab’s own animation software to create their own climate change cartoons (pdf).

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