Silence of the Bees

Just posted the script for Silence of the Bees – Heartwood USA’s episode on colony collapse disorder. Check out the rough draft here (pdf).

CCD – the dramatic and mysterious disappearances of entire bee colonies – is just one of the threats facing bees. Varroa Mites, Tracheal mites (yup, these guys infest the breathing passages of the honey bee) Chalkbrood, Stonebrood, Acute bee paralysis virus, Black Queen Cell Virus, Chronic Paralysis Virus, Cloudy Wing Virus, Deformed Wing Virus, Sacbrood virus.

Basically, it sucks to be a working honey bee.

The experts aren’t certain what’s causing CCD. Scientists are testing hypotheses involving pesticides, climate change, cell phone frequencies and overwork! CCD is already having a big impact on the many farms that rely on bees to pollinate their crops. According to Help the Honey Bees, a site set up by Hagen Dazs, “one out of every the three bites of food an average American eats is directly attributed to honey bee pollination.”

I love Haagen Dazs’ approach to educating folks about it. Check out this great video. I think this is everything an advocacy video should be:

Break dancing bees are silly, but it’s silly with a grounding in fact. Bees actually do a wiggle called the honey dance when they find a juicy source of nectar. Likewise, CCD is totally mysterious. Bee keepers arrive to find a colony just gone.

I hope we capture that same sensibility in our Heartwood episode. We take a somewhat Star Warsian approach to the story. We hope you enjoy. If you work in this field, I hope you post a link to our script!

Burt’s Bees is also working to educate people about this issue. Check out their video:

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    Janice said,

    The cartoon you have is a wasp nest not a bee hive.

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