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Old school green kids shows

Great gallery in today’s Huffington Post showcasing 7 great old kids shows with green themes or episodes including this classic from Sesame Street featuring Tammy Swinette singing anti littering anthem Stand by Your Can.


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I Heart Fizzy’s Lunch Lab

Dave Schlafman, Heartwood animator-director, is also the creator of Fizzy’s Lunch Lab and he and his partner Evan Sussman have a bunch of new episodes on the web including a love letter music video called Give Your Heart a Valentine. Check it.

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Greenzys teach green living to kids

Greezy Yew Yew

Via Cynopis:

Greenzys, a new kid-targeted eco-friendly brand will launch exclusively at FAO Schwarz in NYC and then online at on April 5, 2010, just ahead of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22. Created by product designer Lisa Keyser, the Greenzys brand is designed to promote green living and teach eco-friendly practices to kids through of a book by author Danielle Mentzer and illustrator Cris de Lara from DK Publishing, plush character toys by Kids Preferred, a preschool animated series (in development), other animated content, theme song, and Debuting next month, the Greenzys theme song is performed by Samia Najimy Finnerty (13), daughter of Kathy Najimy and Dan Finnerty (Dan Band), and accompanied by an animated video. Keyser co-founded Greenzys with Mark Lieber, also a founder of Rethink Entertainment and Media. A portion of each Greenzys purchase will benefit the Environmental Media Association.

Via their Facebook page:

We’re an eco-friendly, literary-based children’s brand that teaches green living through books and toys that are environmentally safe, fun and educational.

Here’s to a great launch for them!

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Teen Choice Awards go Green

Eco-ish logo.


Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato want to sing green. Paige Donner caught up with them:

“If I sang an eco-anthem right now, it would be about global warming,” said Gomez. “Turn off the lights, turn off the lights,” is what Demi Lovato said might be some of her lyrics.

Interestingly, given that a big theme of Heartwood USA is about using gossip, rumors and lying to try to win at any cost:

“I’d also sing about another issue that is close to teens’ hearts, which is rumors.”

And a recycled blue carpet.

recycled blue carpet

Turns out most most Hollywood “red carpets” are thrown out after a single use.  This one is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Most Hollywood “red carpets” are thrown out after a single use.
This one is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Joshua Mark, Fox’s special event producer, specifically requested it.

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hyatt camp goes green?

camp hyatt logo

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts teams with National Geographic Kids to re-launch its year-round Camp Hyatt program for K3-12 at Hyatt resorts in North America. The new kids program kicks off with the debut of a Camp Hyatt-National Geographic Kids Web site at . Also beginning this month, new Camp Hyatt program elements, including exclusive National Geographic Kids’ activities adapted to each participating resort location, will be available. The website and Camp Hyatt programs aim to educate kids about animals, culture, recycling and water. (emphasis added)

via Cynopsis

The tie-in with National Geographic and Scholastic means content like this:

camp hyatt green

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Hulala Girls

I think the wave is starting. TV is finally catching on to the fact that kids (and their parents) are looking for green programming. Case in point: Hulala Girls

Christy Hui, creator of Xiaolin Showdown, has completed a pilot episode for a show targeted at girls six to 12.

Set on a fantasy island more than a little reminiscent of Hawaii, Hulala Girls stars three spunky surfing girls, who also happen to be princesses of nature, bound to protect the Earth from those who would harm it for personal gain.

Tapping into Hawaiian mythology positing that hula experts can spiritually connect with the forces of nature when they dance, Hui uses this mechanism to infuse her characters with the special powers they need to thwart enviro-offenders.

Another cool thing – the show has already launched an interactive site to advance the show.

I like this too:

A limited number of promotional plush dolls have also been manufactured, and Hui has hooked up with eco-group American Forest to cover the cost of planting of a tree when someone buys one of the dolls.

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Planetpals: Friends for Earth

Planetpals, a long running Web site with animated eco-heroes, looks like it’s expanding to Japan. According to Cynopsis,

Sanrio Far East (Sanrio F.E.), a unit of Sanrio Group, inks a licensing deal to exclusively represent Planetpals in Japan. Under the deal Sanrio F.E. will introduce the kid-targeted environment-centric Planetpals website and property through a multi-platform effort as well through various partnerships.

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